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번호 분류 제목
234 2020년

Jungyeon Kim, Joong Kyong Ahn, Yu Eun Cheong, Sung-Joon Lee, Hoon-Suk Cha*, Kyoung Heon Kim*.

Systematic re-evaluation of the long-used standard protocol of urease-dependent metabolome sample preparation. 

PLOS ONE in press (IF=2.776)


233 2020년

Dong Hyun Kim, Jing-Jing Liu, Jae Won Lee, Jeffrey G. Pelton, Eun Ju Yun, Sora Yu, Yong-Su Jin*, Kyoung Heon Kim*.

Biological upgrading of 3,6-anhydro-L-galactose from agarose to a new platform chemical.

Green Chemistry in press (IF=9.405)

232 2020년

Hee Taek Kim, Jae Kyun Kim (co-first author), Hyun Gil Cha (co-first author), Myung Jong Kang, Hyun Sook Lee, Tae Uk Khang, Eun Ju Yun, Dae-Hee Lee, Bong Keun Song, Si Jae Park*, Jeong Chan Joo*, Kyoung Heon Kim*.

Biological valorization of poly(ethylene terephthalate) monomers for upcycling waste PET.

ACS Sustainable Chemistry& Engineering in press (IF=6.970)

231 2020년

Sora Yu, Eun Ju Yun (co-first author), Dong Hyun Kim, So Young Park, Kyoung Heon Kim*.

Molecular and enzymatic verification of the dual agarolytic pathways in a marine bacterium, Vibrio sp. strain EJY3.

Applied and Environmental Microbiology in press (IF=4.077)

230 2020년

Jae-Eun Lee, Young-Ah Kim, Sora Yub, So Young Park, Kyoung Heon Kim*, Nam Joo Kang*.

3,6-Anhydro-L-galactose increases hyaluronic acid production via the EGFR and AMPKα signaling pathway in HaCaT keratinocytes.

Journal of Dermatological Science in press (IF=3.986)

229 2020년

Jungyeon Kim, Joongsuk Kim, Youngsoon Um*, Kyoung Heon Kim*.

Intracellular metabolite profiling and the evaluation of metabolite extraction solvents for Clostridium carboxidivorans fermenting carbon monoxide.

Process Biochemistry in press (IF=2.883)

228 2020년
Joong Kyong Ahn, Jungyeon Kim (co-first author), Yu Eun Cheong, Kyoung Heon Kim*, Hoon-Suk Cha*.

Variation in the synovial fluid metabolome according to disease activity of rheumatoid arthritis.

Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology in press (IF=3.238)
227 2019년

Suji Ye, Deokyeol Jeong, Jong Cheol Shon, Kwang-Hyeon Liu, Kyoung Heon Kim, Minhye Shin*, Soo Rin Kim*.

Deletion of PHO13 improves aerobic L-arabinose fermentation in engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology 46(12):1725-1731 (2019. 12) (IF=2.993)
226 2020년

In Jung Kim, Do Hyoung Kim (co-first author), Ki Hyun Nam, Kyoung Heon Kim*.

Enzymatic synthesis of L-fucose from L-fuculose using a fucose isomerase from Raoultella sp. and the biochemical and structural analyses of the enzyme.

Biotechnology for Biofuels 12:282 (2019. 12) (IF=5.452)

225 2019년
Sora Yu, Eun Ju Yun (co-first author), Dong Hyun Kim, So Young Park, Kyoung Heon Kim*.

Anticariogenic activity of agarobiose and agarooligosaccharides derived from red macroalgae.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 67(26):7297-7303(IF=3.412)
224 2019년

Young-Yon Kwon, PhD, Seung-Soo Kim, PhD, Han-Jun Lee, BS, Seo-Hyeong Sheen, MS, Kyoung Heon Kim, PhD, Cheol-Koo Lee, PhD 

Long-living budding yeast cell subpopulation induced by ethanol/acetate and respiration.

The Journals of Gerontology: Series A

223 2019년

Suryang Kwak, Eun Ju Yun, Stephan Lane, Eun Joong Oh, Kyoung Heon Kim, and Yong-Su Jin*

Redirection of the glycolytic flux enhances isoprenoid production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Biotechnology Journal

222 2019년

Woong Heo, Jun Hee Kim, Sooah Kim, Kyong Heon Kim, Hyo Jin Kim, Jin-Ho Seo*.

Enhanced production of 3-hydroxypropionic acid from glucose and xylose by alleviation of metabolic congestion due to glycerol flux in engineered Escherichia coli.

Bioresource Technology 285:121320 (2019. 8) (IF=6.669)

221 2019년

Hongjae Park, Byoungnam Min, Yeongseon Jang, Jungyeon Kim, Anna Lipzen, Aditi Sharma, Bill Andreopoulos, Jenifer Johnson, Robert Riley, Joseph W. Spatafora, Bernard Henrissat, Kyoung Heon Kim, Igor V. Grigoriev, Jae-Jin Kim, In-Geol Choi*.

Comprehensive genomic and transcriptomic analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon degradation by a mycoremediation fungus, Dentipellis sp. KUC8613.

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 103:8145-8155 (2019. 7) (IF=3.670)

220 2019년

Minhye Shin, Jeong-won Kim, Suji Ye, Sooah Kim, Deokyeol Jeong, Do Yup Lee, Jong Nam Kim, Yong-Su Jin, Kyoung Heon Kim, Soo Rin Kim*.

Comparative global metabolite profiling of xylose-fermenting Saccharomyces cerevisiae SR8 and Scheffersomyces stipitis.

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 103(13):5435–5446 (2019. 7) (IF=3.670)

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