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번호 분류 제목
189 2017년

Yeo Ul Cho, Deokjong Lee, Jung-Eun Lee, Kyoung Heon Kim, Do Yup Leea, Young-Chul Jung.

Exploratory metabolomics of biomarker identification for the internet gaming disorder in young Korean males.

Journal of Chromatography B1057:24-31 (2017. 7) (IF=2.603)

188 2017년

Hyong Seok Park, Jungwoo Yang (co-first author), Hee Jung Choi, Kyoung Heon Kim*.

Effective thermal inactivation of the spores of Bacillus cereusbiofilms using microwave.

Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 27(7):1209-1215 (2017. 7) (IF=1.750)

187 2017년

Jungwoo Yang, Ji Eun Kim, Ha Eun Kim, Ju-Hyun Yu, Young-Lok Cha, Kyoung Heon Kim*.

Enhanced enzymatic hydrolysis of hydrothermally pretreated empty fruit bunches at high solids loadings by the synergism of hemicellulase and polyethylene glycol.

Process Biochemistry 58:211-216 (2017. 7) (IF=2.497)

186 2017년

Young Hoon Jung, Hyun Min Park, Yong-Cheol Park, Kyungmoon Park, Kyoung Heon Kim*.

Efficacy of pretreating oil palm fronds with an acid-base mixture catalyst.

Bioresource Technology236:234-237 (2017. 7) (IF=5.651)

185 2017년

Young Hoon Jung, Hyun Min Park (co-first author), Dong Hyun Kim, Jungwoo Yang, Kyoung Heon Kim*.

Fed-batch enzymatic saccharification of high solids pretreated lignocellulose for obtaining high titers and high yields of glucose.

Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 182(3):1108-1120 (2017. 7) (IF=1.751)

184 2017년

Duleepa Pathiraja, Kyoung Heon Kim, In-Geol Choi.

Rapid and robust enzymatic sensing and quantitation of 3,6-anhydro-L-galactose in a heterogeneous sugar mixture.

Carbohydrate Research 446-447:13-18 (2017. 6-7) (IF=1.817)

183 2017년

Cheol-Ho Jang, Gayeon Lee, Yong-Cheol Park, Kyoung Heon Kim, Do Yup Lee.

Highly time-resolved metabolic reprogramming toward differential levels of phosphate in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.

Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 27(6):1150-1156 (2017. 6) (IF=1.750)

182 2017년

In Jung Kim, Hee Jin Lee (co-first author), Kyoung Heon Kim*.

Pure enzyme cocktails tailored for the saccharification of sugarcane bagasse pretreated by using different methods.

Process Biochemistry 57:167-174 (2017. 6) (IF=2.497)

181 2017년

Jungyeon Kim, Kyoung Heon Kim*.

Effects of minimal media vs. complex media on the metabolite profiles of Escherichia coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Process Biochemistry 57:64-71 (2017. 6) (IF=2.497)

180 2017년

Gena Lee Meyers, Kwang-Woo Jung (co-first author), Soohyun Bang, Jungyeon Kim, Sooah Kim, Joohyeon Hong, Eunji Cheong, Kyoung Heon Kim, Yong-Sun Bahn.

The water channel protein aquaporin 1 regulates cellular metabolism and competitive fitness in a global fungal pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans.

Environmental Microbiology Reports 9(3):268-278 (2017. 6) (IF=3.363)

179 2017년

Yeong-Je Seong, Haeseong Park, Jungwoo Yang, Soo-Jung Kim, Wonja Choi, Kyoung Heon Kim, Yong-Cheol Park.

Expression of a mutated SPT15 gene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae enhances both cell growth and ethanol production in microaerobic batch, fed-batch, and simultaneous saccharification and fermentations.

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 101(9):3567-3575 (2017. 5) (IF=3.420)

178 2017년

Eun Ju Yun, Ah Reum Lee, Jung Hyun Kim, Kyung Mun Cho, Kyoung Heon Kim*.

3,6-Anhydro-L-galactose, a rare sugar from agar, as a new anticariogenic sugar to replace xylitol.

Food Chemistry 221:976-983 (2017. 4) (IF=4.529)

177 2017년

Young Hoon Jung, Sooah Kim, Jungwoo Yang, Jin-Ho Seo, Kyoung Heon Kim*.

Intracellular metabolite profiling of Saccharomyces cerevisiae evolved under furfural.

Microbial Biotechnology 10(2):395-404 (2017. 3) (SCIE, IF=3.513)

176 2017년

Eun Ju Yun, Sun Hee Lee, Sooah Kim, Sae Hun Kim, Kyoung Heon Kim*.

Global profiling of metabolic response of Caenorhabditis elegans against Escherichia coli O157:H7.

Process Biochemistry 53:36-43 (2017. 2) (IF=2.497)

175 2017년

In Jung Kim, Nari Seo, Hyun Joo An, Jae-Han Kim, Paul V. Harris, Kyoung Heon Kim*.

Type-dependent action modes of TtAA9E and TaAA9A acting on cellulose and differently pretreated lignocellulosic substrates.

Biotechnology for Biofuels 10:46 (2017. 2) (IF=5.203)

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