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번호 분류 제목
11 2014년

Sang-Hyun Lee‡, Sooah Kim‡, Min-A Kwon, Young Hoon Jung, Yong-An Shin, Kyoung Heon Kim*

Atmospheric vs. anaerobic processing of metabolome samples for the metabolite profiling of a strict anaerobic bacterium, Clostridium acetobutylicum

Biotechnology and Bioengineering 111(12): 2528-2536 (2014. 12) (IF=4.164) Selected as Spotlight

10 2014년

In Jung Kim, Hee Jin Lee, In-Geol Choi, Kyoung Heon Kim*

Synergistic proteins for the enhanced enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose by cellulase

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 98(20):8469-8480 (2014. 10) (IF=3.811)

9 2014년

Chan Hyoung Lee‡, Hee Taek Kim‡, Eun Ju Yun, Ah Reum Lee, Sa Rang Kim, Jae-Han Kim, In-Geol Choi, Kyoung Heon Kim*

A novel agarolytic β-galactosidase acts on agarooligosaccharides for complete hydrolysis of agarose into monomers

Applied and Environmental Microbiology 80(19):5965-5973 (2014. 10) (IF=3.952) Selected as Spotlight

8 2014년

Da Mao Wang, Hee Taek Kim, Eun Ju Yun, Do Hyoung Kim, Yong-Cheol Park, Hee Chul Woo, Kyoung Heon Kim*

Optimal production of 4-deoxy-L-erythro-5-hexoseulose uronic acid from alginate for brown algae saccharification by combining endo- and exo-type alginate lyases

Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering 37(10):2105-2111 (2014. 10) (IF=1.823)

7 2014년

Young Hoon Jung, Hyun Min Park, In Jung Kim, Yong-Cheol Park, Jin-Ho Seo, Kyoung Heon Kim*

One-pot pretreatment, saccharification and ethanol fermentation of lignocellulose based on acid-base mixture pretreatment

Royal Society of Chemistry Advances 4(98):55318-55327 (2014. 9) (IF=3.708) 

6 2014년

Sooah Kim, Jiwon Hwang, Jinhua Xuan, Young Hoon Jung, Hoon-Suk Cha,* Kyoung Heon Kim*

Global metabolite profiling of synovial fluid for the specific diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis from other inflammatory arthritis

PLOS ONE 9(6):e97501 (2014. 6) (IF=3.534, SCIE)

5 2014년

Hee-jin Jun, Ji-hae Lee, Jinyoung Kim, Yaoyao Jia, Kyoung Heon Kim, Kwang Yeon Hwang, Eun Ju Yun, Kyoung Rok Do, Sung-Joon Lee

Aromatic terpenoid linalool is an agonistic ligand for PPAR that reduces plasma TG levels and rewires the hepatic transcriptome and plasma metabolome

Journal of Lipid Research 55(6):1098-1110 (2014. 6) (IF=4.730)

4 2014년

So-Yeon Shin, Yi-Hyun Bae, Sun-Ki Kim, Yeong-Je Seong, Suk-Hwan Choi, Kyoung Heon Kim, Yong-Cheol Park, Jin-Ho Seo

Effects of signal sequences and folding accessory proteins on extracellular expression of carboxypeptidase Y in recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering 37:1065–1071 (2014. 6) (IF=1.823)

3 2014년

Young Hoon Jung, Hyun Kyung Kim, Du-Sup Song, In-Geol Choi, Taek Ho Yang, Hee Jong Lee, Doyoung Seung, Kyoung Heon Kim*

Feasibility test of utilizing Saccharophagus degradans 2-40T as the source of crude enzyme for the saccharification of lignocellulose

Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering 37(4):707-710 (2014. 4) (IF=1.823)

2 2014년

Young Hoon Jung, In Jung Kim, Hyun Kyung Kim, Kyoung Heon Kim*

Whole slurry fermentation of maleic acid-pretreated oil palm empty fruit bunches for ethanol production not necessitating a detoxification process

Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering 37(4):659-665 (2014. 4) (IF=1.823)

1 2014년

Muhammad Saif Ur Rehmana, Ilgook Kim, Naim Rashida, Kyoung Heon Kim, Jong-In Han

Optimization of sono-assisted dilute sulfuric acid process for simultaneous pretreatment and saccharification of rice straw

International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 11(2):543-550 (2014. 3) (IF=1.794)